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104 Acres of Outdoor Classroom - A Focus on Education

The Linda Loring Nature Foundation (LLNF) is a model of resource protection and preserves 104 acres of open space along Eel Point Road. The property is protected from development by a conservation restriction held by the Nantucket Land Council and will remain in its natural condition in perpetuity.

The rich mix of habitats features wetland and upland communities where an abundance of wildlife finds sanctuary around the property. Habitat diversity found here includes pitch pine forest, coastal scrub forest and the globally threatened heathlands and sandplain grasslands. These ecosystems provide a scientific reference point for understanding the ecological relationships of the local environment. Expansive vistas draw the eye from nesting Ospreys to the gently undulating heathlands where Northern Harriers survey their territory. The Head of Long Pond provides a vantage point to observe plentiful waterfowl, wading birds and other water dependent species.

A visit to the Linda Loring Nature Foundation will be an inspiration to explore the natural world, deepen your connection to nature and to strengthen your understanding of the environment. As development encroaches on and fragments ecosystems around the Island, the expanse of undisturbed natural wildlife habitat at the LLNF is a critical component of Nantucket's conservation properties. 

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PO Box 149

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e-mail: info@llnf.org

Nature Center

110 Eel Point Road

Nantucket, MA 02554

tel: 508.325.0873

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