The Linda Loring Nature Foundation strives to be a premier research facility and living laboratory. Research at LLNF is led by the Director of Research and Education, Dr. Sarah Bois.

Our research program at LLNF has two main areas of focus:

      1. Research directly related to the management of the LLNF property
      2. Research asking broader questions about conservation ecology 

Research related to management consists of projects assessing the resources on the property, any threats such as invasive species and succession, and how we can mitigate these threats and enhance the species and communities of conservation interest. We are starting in 2014 with a property-wide species inventory. We'll also be assessing the vegetation communities found throughout the properties including the rare sandplain grassland and coastal heathlands characteristic of Nantucket's conservation areas. We will also begin documenting rare species found on the property including state and federally-listed plant species. This work will be the basis for creating a management plan for the property.

In the coming years we will implement studies investigating various management techniques as well as the timing of such management. Building on the body of research which exists for managing similar habitats, LLNF has the opportunity to work in an adaptive management framework. Stay tuned for results from this summer's inventory work.

Research asking broader questions of ecology    

As an outdoor classroom and “living laboratory”, the LLNF has an opportunity to establish a research theme that will engage the community of Nantucket as well as a broader scientific audience. Through our research program we strive to protect Nantucket’s unique flora and fauna in light of a changing environment. These changes could include habitat loss and fragmentation, non-native invasive species, and all the various aspects of climate change (temperature warming, changes in precipitation, phenology shifts, etc.). This broad topic provides ample opportunity for research and collaboration while addressing both what is unique about the island as well as global issues of environmental change.

For more information on specific projects, check out the Current Projects tab.

Are you interested in conducting research at LLNF? Please contact Dr. Bois and she wil send you a copy of our research agreement.

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