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Dr. Sarah Bois writes periodically for the Nantucket Chronicle. Her column, Musings on Science and Nature, highlights Nantucket's conservation issues, hot topics in research on the island, and explores topics of scientific literacy, science in education, and policy. Ideas for a story you'd like to see or a science topic you'd like to see explored? Contact Sarah and let her know.

Musings on Science and Nature

Winter Moth Mayhem (12/16/15)

Save a plant, eat a deer (12/4/15)

Got tent caterpillars? Great, now just let them be (5/18/15)

Seamonsters of Nantucket (5/6/15)

STEM is in the air! (5/23/15)

Autumnal wreaths gone wrong (10/27/14)

A Nantucket Fall Foray (9/11/14)

Mile-a-minute vine found on Nantucket (8/26/14)

Nantucket has one of the most toxic caterpillars in North America (8/20/14)

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